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This Professional says “No” to pretty much Everything!


I say “No” to pretty much everything…..

Because I’ve been a direct sales CEO, expert, speaker, trainer and successful affiliate for about 21 years now, I get invited to see the next goldmine about 3-5 times per week.

Some days its once .. some days its a couple of time. My answer is almost always the same. “No”. Actually its “Wow! That looks great but I just have too much on my plate” [Which I do ... ALWAYS].

Well, when I got a skype about CoolTraderPro, at about midnight on a Friday night (I couldn’t sleep and just thought I’d peek at my skype). Bleep. Here comes another goldmine. The only thing is this time it came from a friend who’s also a multi-million dollar earner. I thought to myself “If what I am hearing here is true, this is a goldmine and we’re going to make some serious money”.

2013 “Moving America Forward”
Entrepreneur Winner


CoolTrade™ is proud to announce that it has been presented with the prestigious “Moving America Forward” Award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney.

This award is given to innovative entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in their industries and, as a result, are “Moving America Forward.” As a winner of this award, company founders Ed Barsano and Nick Rausch were featured on the “Moving America Forward” television show hosted by William Shatner and Doug Llewellyn.

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After I learned about this, I went to work immediately and started my due diligence. This CoolTraderPro Review is part of what I found, just reading until now, its obviously no secret that I jumped on board. More than that, I want to do anything I can to help this company as I do see this as something GIGANTIC.


A Form of artificial intelligence
5 million Lines of Code
12 years of Development
$10 million in Development Costs

Recognized by Industry Insiders as the ONLY “Fully Automated System
available to the General Public”.

Instead of doing what I did, reading books, attending webinars, paying thousands and thousands of dollars for courses, getting up at midnight to trade as well as 5:30 am and all of the endless conversations about trading, this looks a LOT better. 3 Steps. That’s it.

CoolTrader Pro is Compatible With Top Brokers

CoolTraderPro has thousands of clients in over 68 countries and offers you the ability to trade in six foreign markets.
Private institutions have been utilizing this type of technology for years, now you can too!


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Watch a Video Demonstration of Cool Trader Pro

Watch a Video Demonstration of Cool Trader Pro This short video covers some great things about CoolTrader. It automatically turns itself on and starts trading in your account. You’ll see in the top right hand corner there are buys and sells happening for your, you can see rules and lot of indicators to tell you the rules it is adhering to. Its analyzing the market, looking at as many as a hundred or more variables for the right time to open or to close a position for you. You can simply select one of the many strategies that come with the software, modify one, or create one from scratch. For me, I really don’t care what the lights mean; Im not interested in learning to trade or even how the software work, I only want to know that its working and then I can let it do what it does so well for over 14,000 clients paying $4,000 per year for 7 years. I can take a nap, play golf or goof off.


In addition to this product having a 9 year history in 40 countries, 6 languages and 14,000 customers paying $4,000 per year for access, I could find no complaints. If the company allows me to post my results I will.


Having a Computer Engineering Degree myself, I really enjoyed Ed’s story. It’s kind of a Bill Gates type story and being around Ed and his vision for this revolutionary software I can also say he’s kind of an American Folk Hero!

CoolTraderPro Review Ed Barsano
CoolTraderPro Creator Ed BarsanoEd Barsano is the founder and CEO of CoolTrade Inc. Prior to founding CoolTrade, Ed served in the U.S. Navy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, and U.S.S Badger. In 1987, Ed was hired by Microsoft where he held the positions of software design engineer and project manager. After retiring from Microsoft, Ed founded CoolTrade, Inc., bringing the first robotic stock trading system to the trading industry. Ed and his wife reside in Scottsdale, Arizona where they raised their three children.


This company does a better job of training than any company I’ve ever been with. For them, training is paramount. They currently do 10 Live Webinars throughout the week and a new client orientation on Saturday Mornings at 12pm Eastern time.

You can access that calendar >>> HERE


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